Saturday, August 3, 2013

Inspiration of the Week: Caroline Chandelier

I was inspired this week by the "Caroline" Chandelier. 

This piece is fit for Princess Kate herself. The "Caroline" Chandelier looks like a Modern Fairy tale come to life! If you are looking to top off a dazzling and romantic event, this gorgeous chandelier will do the trick.

Call me crazy or maybe it's wishful thinking, but I have been catching the slightest snifter of fall in the morning air. Maybe I'm a dreamer and ready for the summer heat to be over but whatever the case I am already feeling inspired for fall leaves, warm cocoa, and yes that crisp cool weather. 

Start dreaming about fall and your next event with the "Caroline" Chandelier. A Sea foam green, orange and red color palette will inspire your guests as the juxtaposition of romantic and rustic intermingle to form the  perfect setting.

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